These aren't your ordinary cupcakes!  We offer the following delicious flavors

Wedding Cake
Fluffy white cake with creamy white vanilla butter cream frosting, topped with edible white pearls

Strawberry Daiquiri
The strawberry daiquiri is baked right into this cupcake!  Beautiful pink cupcakes with vanilla frosted, decorated with red sugar

Lime Margarita
A vibrant green cupcake with vanilla frosting, topped with a fresh lime wedge

Piña Colada
A pineapple cupcake, topped with cream cheese icing and toasted coconut
Chocolate Andes Mint
A chocolate cupcake, topped with chocolate mint ganache

Strawberry Yogurt
A strawberry yogurt cupcake, topped with butter cream icing

A golden yellow cupcake, filled with vanilla cream

Ho Ho
A rich chocolate cupcake, filled with vanilla fluff

Oatmeal Cinnamon 
Hearty cupcake made with old-fashioned oats and a touch of cinnamon 

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate cupcake with crumbled chocolate cream cookies, topped with chocolate ganache

Caramel Apple 
Granny Smith flavored cupcake with vanilla butter cream frosting, drizzled with 
homemade caramel sauce

 Raspberry Lemon 
Lemon cupcake with raspberry frosting, topped with a raspberry coulis sauce
Cupcakes start at just $12 per dozen and filled cupcakes at just $14 per dozen!


  1. You are not limited to these flavors. This is a bakery where you are the creative director. We also do a lemon drop cupcake, peanutbutter and jelly cupcake, cherry chip cupcake and confetti cupcakes.

  2. Wow! That was cheap. I'm going to check out your facebook account now and place an order.