Daisy Mae's Cookies and Bakery is named after my best friend. My dog Daisy Mae. I never thought I'd be inspired by an animal or fall in love with one. But then again Daisy wasn't your ordinary pet. She was my friend, protector, and neighborhood spokes-dog.  Everyone knows me as "The Cookie Lady" now but that wasn't always the case. I used to be known as "The Lady with the Rottweiler"! Not that it was a bad thing. Daisy lived up to her name. She was a gentle flower with great will.
I lost my best friend in 2008 to cancer. i have so many stories I could choose to tell. But instead I chose to remember her by making treats to make others as happy as she made me. With so much love from her in my life I chose to add some to each cookie to continue the job that Daisy started.

Daisy Mae's Bakery is family-owned and family-run